OTM 101

What is an OTM?

OTM is an acronym for "Of the Month" award.

What are Of the Month Awards?

Of the Month's are a way that members of NRHH recognize signifigant contributions that people both inside and outside of the organization do to imporove the live of students living in the residence halls.

What is the process of Recognizing People?

First, all members of the organization write OTM's each month for the organization. The best OTM's that month are submitted to the Regional OTM contest. If an OTM from the school is recongized in the region, it moves on to a national competition, which allows for the school to get recognition at the National Conference.

Who can I write an OTM about?

There are several catagories of things that you can write an OTM about. You can write an OTM about programs you attend, people who help you academiclly, Advisors, NRHH Executive Members, RHA Executive Members, different organizations (and that's just a few.)

What are the word limits for OTM's

If writing an OTM about a person or ogranization, there is a 600 character limit. If you are writing an OTM about a program you attended, there are five questions to answer that each have a 200 character limit and one question with a 400 character limit. The questions can be found on the OTM Website in the OTM Menu above or the link in the following question.

How do I write an OTM?

The entire OTM process is online. Please go Here. If it will be your first time visiting, please Click Here to create an account.

How many OTM's do I need to Write?

As the name suggests, members should submit at least one OTM a month. There is no maximum number of OTM's that can be written by a member per month. Prospective Members should be aware that the number of OTM's you write will be a determining factor in your induction as a full member.