Name: Victoria Sarantapoulos
Year: 2nd year
Major: Global Studies
Why I love NRHH: NRHH gave me a sense of community and made me feel important, like my opinions and ideas would be noticed.
As a perspective member... A member of the Programming committee, met induction requirements, hot meals.
My NRHH Vision: To establish strong membership and form lasting relationships with my members.

Vice President

Name: Carla Arredondo
Year: 2nd year
Why I love NRHH:It has made me a responsible young adult and taught me that having an impact and making a difference is as easy as getting involved.
As a perspective member...Part of the programming committee and was also involved in most of the programs and volunteer events that were put on by NRHH.
My NRHH Vision: I would like to establish strong communications within the organization as well as create strong leaders that will be able to ensure that NRHH remains everything it is today.
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FALL OFFICE HOURS: Monday (2-4pm), Wednesday (9-10pm)
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FALL OFFICE HOURS:Tuesday (5-7pm)