Director of Programming

Name: Christopher Vazquez
Year: 1st year
Major: Computer Engineering
Why I love NRHH: I get to run any events the resident halls want. All the members are always there for each other when it comes to assistance. I like the energy the group shows as a whole during programs.
As a Directo, I want to... have residents excited to go to different programs throughout the year! Whether it be relief from schoolwork, learning about new things, or socializing with fellow residents.
My NRHH Vision: To have organized and fun events all year.
Fall Office Hours: Tues: 4-5pm, Wed:9-10pm

Director of Publicity

Name: Maya Kantak
Year: 2nd year
Fall Office Hours: Tues:1:30-2-30pm, Thurs:10:30-11:30am

Director of Recognition

Name: Kara Grimes
Year: 1st year
Major: Theater Arts
Why I love NRHH: What's not to love?? It's service, leadership, community and its totally kick butt!
As a Director, I want to... Help people recognize (key word) and appreciate the work that goes into making UCR as great of a place as possible and to take time to celebrate the people who take time out of their day to create unity on campus and make us proud to be Highlanders. Go Blue and Gold!
My NRHH Vision: Highlander excellence, NRHH style. As the top 1%, it's kind of our job, ¿que no?
Fall Office Hours: Mon:12-1pm, Wed:9-10pm

Director of Leadership

Name: Bryan Richard Burgoon/>Year: 1st year
Major: Psychology
Why I love NRHH: It is a place where I can learn new skills and help all of the students on campus have a great time on campus.
As a perspective member... ---
My NRHH Vision: I want to see every member create balance in all aspects of their lives, strive for high goals, and maintain a very high GPA
Fall Office Hours: Wed. 9-11pm