University of California, Riverside

National Residence Hall Honorary

Highlander Chapter





Our mission as the National Residence Hall Honorary at the University of California, Riverside is to aid the development and maintenance of a strong, diverse and academically successful residential community within the UCR Residence Halls. We believe that in order to accomplish this we must do the following:

1.         Maximize opportunities for residents to become leaders and explore their unique leadership styles.

2.         Create and support initiatives that focus on diversity awareness, tolerance and celebration.

3.         Develop effective educational and social programs.

4.         Encourage academic excellence through role modeling and the development of academic initiatives.

5.         Recognize resident leaders for their service to the residence hall community.

6.         Find and direct residents to appropriate resources and leadership opportunities in Housing Services, on campus and in the surrounding community.

7.         Find ways to increase communication and positive working relationships with residential staff.

8.         Be a channel through which recognition of the Residence Halls is known on a local, regional and national level.



Article I-Name


The name of this chapter shall be the Highlander Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, NRHH, at the University of California, Riverside. Here in after, shall be referred to as NRHH, Highlander Chapter.



Article II-Purpose


The purpose of this organization shall be to provide recognition for individuals who have provided outstanding service or exceptional leadership within the residence halls, as well as maintaining academic success at the University of California, Riverside, UCR.



Article III-Membership


Section I

There shall be five types of membership in the organization: active, alumni, honorary and ex-officio.


1.       Active Members shall be residents of the UCR residence halls and may be of any class, undergraduate or graduate. Only active members shall have voting rights.


2.     Alumni Members shall be members who no longer live in UCR residence halls, who are former active members of another chapter who are now part of the UCR community.


3.      Early Alumni Members shall be members of NRHH who no longer fulfill the requirements for active membership status. To be considered; members must fill out the appropriate paperwork and be confirmed by the regional AD-NRHH.


4.       Honorary Membership shall be conferred upon those who do not live in the UCR residence halls, or are residents or members of the residence hall professional staff, who have made an outstanding contribution to the residence halls.


5.       Ex-officio Members are limited to members of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board and advisors.


Section II

Qualifications for active membership


1.       Shall have resided in the residence halls continuously from the beginning of the academic year of selection, including at the time of induction.


2.       Shall have a quarterly grade point average of at least 3.0 at the time of selection


3.       Shall have demonstrated outstanding service or exceptional leadership in the residence halls at UCR.


4.       Shall commit to the attendance of weekly meeting, with the exclusion of holidays and finals week.


5.       Mandatory: Must have written at least one OTM per month, written in paragraph form with each paragraph being no less than six sentences, from the time of Prospective Membership to the time of induction.



Article IV-Selection of Members


Section I

Prospective members may submit an application to the chapter during the beginning of fall and winter quarter. Until a grade point average of 3.0 or above is verified, an applicant is considered a Prospect. After confirmation of the required grade point average, a Prospect is considered a Active Member.


Section II

Selection Committee


1.       The selection committee shall be comprised of five (5) people. They shall include: the NRHH President, NRHH Vice President, RHA President, the Leadership Coordinator and Leadership Assistant


2.       The chapter President shall choose, from among the selection committee, a committee chairperson by the end of the first week of the fall academic term.


3.       The selection committee chairperson must convene the selection committee during the beginning half of the fall academic term to select potential prospects.


Section III

Active Member Selection Standards


1.       At no time shall the active membership of the chapter exceed one percent (1%) of the total residence hall’s population, or 40 whichever is greater.


2.       Candidacy for active membership shall be according to the following standards:

a.     Must have attended at least eighty percent (80%) or more of all NRHH meetings and programs occurred at the time of selection and written one OTM per month. 

b.     Demonstration of outstanding service or exceptional leadership in the residence halls at UCR.

c.     Capacity to continue outstanding service or exceptional leadership in the residence halls at UCR.


3.       The Selection Committee may choose as many or as few candidates for selection as they wish, as long as all provisions of this article are satisfied.


Section IV

Honorary Member Selection Standards


1.       Nominees for honorary memberships must have made an extraordinary contribution to the residence halls at UCR to be selected as a n honorary member.


2.       The Selection Committee shall never select more honorary members than half of the number of active members selected.


Section V

Alumni Member Selection Standards


1.       Alumni membership automatically stakes action once any person(s) who was an active member of NRHH leaves the UCR residence halls.


Section VI

Early Alumni Selection Standards


1.     Early Alumni membership takes place once a current member no longer fulfills the requirements for active membership and submits the proper documentation to be approved by the regional AD-NRHH.



Article V-Officers


Section I

1.       The Executive Cabinet shall be comprised of the President and Vice President.


2.       The Cabinet shall be comprised of the Executive Cabinet and the Board of Directors.


3.       The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the Director of Programming, Director of Publicity and Director of Recognition.


4.       Officers shall be comprised of the Cabinet and all ex-officio members.



Article VI-Meeting Procedures


Section I

During the course of the meeting, the President is responsible:


1.       Calling the meeting to order for, in this sequence:


2.       Approving minutes


3.       Liaison reports


4.       Weekly updates


a.       Old Business

b.       New Business


5.       Committee time


6.       Receiving Officer Reports


7.       Open Forum


8.       Adjourning meeting


Section II

Any procedure of the meeting may be altered, when necessary, by the request of any active member, as approved by the President or at the discretion of the President him/herself.


Section III

NRHH meetings will be held every week, except in the case of academic holidays and finals week or events conflicting with meeting times that prevent members from attending meetings. The particular place, date and time for these meetings will be determined either by the Executive Cabinet or by the members at the beginning of the academic school year and shall remain the same for the entire year unless notified by the president. Meetings may be canceled when replaced with a NRHH program.

Section IV


Missing more than two consecutive meetings without an excuse shall result in the loss of voting privileges until the President or the Vice President reinstates their voting privileges. The President or Vice President may grant excuses before any meeting. No officer can grant him/herself an excuse. At each meeting, the Vice President shall record the status of each member: present, absent or excused.



Article VII-Agenda


Section I

The President shall determine the main agenda items upon discussion and approval by the Executive Cabinet.


Section II

Any NRHH member can introduce additional agenda items at each meeting during the Open Forum.



Article VIII-Voting


Section I

Those Agenda items or business which require the approval of NRHH, shall be voted upon.


Section II

Voting shall not occur until it has been established by the facilitators that debate on that specific topic has been exhausted.


Section III

A quorum must be present at the meeting for any voting to take place. Action and Policy items require a fifty percent plus one (50% + 1) quorum of active members. Elections will require a three-fifths (3/5) of active members for quorum. In the extreme case that quorum cannot be obtained, at the President’s discretion, the active members present may vote to temporarily reduce quorum.


Section IV

A motion shall initiate voting. Votes shall be taken by a show of hands. Any item shall pass by a majority vote.


Section V

The RHA President shall serve as the liaison between the chapter and RHA. The RHA President and National Communication Coordinator are ex-officio members of the NRHH Cabinet and either may serve as the Sergeant of Arms at elections.


Section VI

Ex-officio members do not hold the privilege to vote, although they may bring up topics to be voted upon and participate in discussion on any agenda item.


Section VII

The President shall vote only in the event of a tie for full NRHH meetings.



Article IX-Duties


Section I

NRHH shall serve as base for leadership development, community service and recognition within the residence halls.


Section II

NRHH shall maintain committees to represent leadership, community service and recognition opportunities, however, additional committees representing other current concerns may be added.


Section III

NRHH may initiate Residence Hall projects for the entertainment or benefit of the residents.


Section IV

NRHH members are encouraged to attend all RHA and staff sponsored events.



Article X-Non-Campus Affiliation


Section I

The Highlander Chapter is an affiliate of the National Residence Hall Honorary.


Section II

This chapter will follow all of the governing of the National Residence Hall Honorary.



Article XI-Amendments


Section I

Amendments to this constitution shall be presented as a written petition.


Section II

A vote upon the proposed amendment must occur by the first meeting following its introduction and shall be conducted by the voting procedures so stated in this constitution.


Section III

In the case of amendments, a two-thirds majority approval by the active membership is necessary for the proposed amendment to pass.