Director of Recognition

  • Name: Anh Pham
  • Year / Major: 2nd Year / Biochemistry
  • NRHH Forum Username: TBA

  • Favorite Quote: “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

    Contact Information

  • E-mail
  • Office Hours
  • Director of Recognition's Responsibilities

    Shall chair the Recognition and OTM Committees.
    Shall plan and coordinate all recognition programs and activities.
    Shall submit all Campus Winner OTMs to the regional office.
    Shall head the organization of the annual Recognition Banquet.
    Shall attend all NRHH chapter meetings and Cabinet meetings.
    Shall serve two (2) weekly office hours.
    Shall write a biweekly report.
    Shall write an end-of-quarter report.

    NRHH Bylaws (Article VII, Section II, Paragraph V)