Director of Programming

  • Name: Christina Hwee
  • Year / Major: 1st Year / Political Science
  • NRHH Forum Username: TBA

  • Favorite Quote: "There is much beauty in the strength of an individual.. to overcome hardships with grace.. being able to shine without a single match... to remain true to who you are no matter what life throws at you... then when everything is said and done how beautiful it would be to look in the mirror and say.. I AM STRONG."

    Contact Information

  • E-mail
  • Office Hours
  • Director of Programming's Responsibilities

    Shall plan and coordinate all NRHH programs.
    Shall act as a liaison between the PCs and NRHH.
    Shall attend all NRHH chapter meetings and Cabinet meetings.
    Shall serve two (2) weekly office hours.
    Shall write a biweekly report.
    Shall write an end-of-quarter report.
    Shall chair the Programming Committee.

    NRHH Bylaws (Article VII, Section II, Paragraph III)